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Greg Banaszak's new 2-CD set available in all major media outlets!
 • Beethoven Academy Orchestra, Krakow
 • Elzbieta Penderecka, Aristic Director
 • Maestro Piotr Borkowski, Conductor
 • Greg Banaszak, Soprano & Alto

Internet Marketing in Arts & Entertainment

Nashville Creative delivers web site solutions exclusively to the music industry, arts and entertainment. Clients include talent agencies, record labels, producers, studios, bands, and songwriters. We work with top talent, with music that is recognized in hit films, television shows, and radio.

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Nashville Creative, a BizookiSM services company.

Recent Projects

Music: Bands
— Caedmon's Call
— Jars of Clay
— Paul Coleman Trio
The Oneders

Music: Debut Artists
Amanda Corriher
Cash Forshee

Music: Industry & Corporate
— Arian Studios
— Blackpool Records
— BrownWave Entertainment
— M78 Productions
— Sacred Music
— Shiny Tricycle Entertainment
— SongProducer
— Wavewalker Records

Music: Production
Rick Elias

Music: Singer/Songwriters
— Jackie Velasquez
— Michael W. Smith
— Phil Keaggy
— Shaun Groves
— Steven Curtis Chapman
— Taylor Sorenson

Music: Virtuoso
Greg Banaszak

— Emotions in Motion Productions
Mt. Evans Pictures
River Rock Media Group
— Wynning Images


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